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August 25



The signs of promise are in almost every statistic:

    * New orders for manufacturing were up 0.4% in June

    * Construction spending rose 0.3% for the same period

    * 74% of corporations reporting 2Q results are exceeding
       analysis' expectations

    * The banking industry has stabilized with all but one of
       the 19 major institutions reporting profits

    * Pending home sales are up for the fifth straight month

    * Inventory of existing houses for sale dropped 2.5%
       in June

    * The bond market easily accommodated billions in
       corporate refinancing in June and July

    * The Institute of Supply Management's Manufacturing
       Index rose to a ten-month high of 46.5

So, the economy is showing definite signs of movement and it's possible 3Q will deliver the first positive GDP growth in almost a year.

But the economy that emerges from this recession is going to be smaller, leaner and more demanding in terms of price and quality. Tomorrow's consumer is going to save more, spend less and continue to worry about her job. Tomorrow's corporation is going to regulate inventory, protect market share and not hire anyone until the recovery is well underway.

On the other hand, the wildly successful Cash for Clunkers program shows that America still has money to spend for something they believe benefits their lives and is truly a quality bargain. And that's where can we help you compete in this new environment. By promoting your Brand, showcasing your product and making sure you look good doing it. The signs are there. The time is coming. Don't get caught with your advertising pants down. Call us today to be ready for tomorrow.


June 8

Caldwell Proud

We're working with Leadership Caldwell and the Chamber of Commerce to build pride in Caldwell County among those who live here. We'll be interviewing people from around the county to hear why they are proud to live here. Look for us in the paper, on the radio and the internet. More about the project later. Here's why I'm proud.

I'm proud of the people in this county who really work for a living — those that craft, or farm or teach or heal. I'm proud that my children went to diversely populated schools, shared lunch boxes with contents ranging from a mayonnaise sandwich to leftover shrimp scampi and had teachers they saw in the grocery store or in church on Sunday. I'm proud that I could always count on somebody to mention how well my kid played in last night's soccer game and somebody else to rat him out for smoking behind the Run-In. I'm proud that I can see the stars every night and a harvest moon at least once a year. I'm proud I can raise chickens and bees in my city-limits yard and nobody complains. I'm proud that I know the police chief, the president of my bank and the agricultural agent. I'm proud that although I can clearly remember Jim Crow, many of my friends are super-proud of their mixed-race grand-babies. I'm proud we have bodegas and that I saw a woman in Food Lion wearing a sari. I'm proud of what we were and I'm proud that we're changing. I'm proud of all of you for volunteering your time. I'll be really proud when every person in this county respects the riches we have and works to protect them. I'll be prouder still if this project helps move that along.

June 2

Excuse me!

Manners used to matter. My mama said her mama "wouldn't have minded if I'd kissed every boy at the cotillion as long as I had my gloves on." Lately, I'm wondering when everybody took their gloves off? I'm afraid good manners, especially in the business world, have gone the way of the cotillion. Phone calls go unanswered, emails are ignored. Introductions are not made. And common courtesy just isn't very common.

A case in point: The CEO of a major company does not respond to a letter (from another CE0), a follow-up phone call or subsequent e-mails about hosting a charitable function at his place of business. What, he doesn't have a secretary?

Another CEO who has initiated a business collaboration suddenly disappears, into the ether. He doesn't call. He will not write. He won't even Tweet. Sure, stuff happens, but he's a CEO, for goodness sake. He can't say, "Sorry, not now."? Or even, "Sorry, not ever." ?

And when we do communicate, where is the love? How curt and abrasive have small disputes become now that we're all a little pinched, one way or another. When was the last time a stranger at a business gathering stepped up, shook hands and said, "How do you do? " How often are you left shifting feet while your colleague fails to make an introduction? And how many minutes-adding-up-to-hours have we sat, waiting for the three or four stragglers who just can't get to a meeting on time?

For my Mama, and her Mama, I just like to say, "Watch it, bud." Manners tell and bad ones will come back to get you. Be responsive. Be courteous. Be on time. And, hey, keep your gloves on.

January 19

Coats + Cans

No invite to the inauguration but soon-to-be-first-lady Michelle did email to ask if we'd do a service on Martin Luther King Day that would benefit our community. We signed on for a "Coats and Cans" drive in our neighborhood. On Thursday the 15th, Kelly, David, our friend Lee Carol Giduz and I set out on foot to put notices on the doors in West Lenoir that we'd be collecting the following Monday. And collect we did. More than 100 coats (a pretty snazzy fur I was tempted to keep), some clothing and lots of canned goods that we delivered to our neighbors at Yokefellow. Timing could not have been better. It's been brrrrrisk around these parts lately and need is high. Thanks to everyone who helped make this bit of service a success. For info on how you can serve, go to Then, do it. It's definitely a feel-good deal.

January 8

Being Green

Alrighty, then. For you die-hard environmentalists who regularly chastise us for littering the highways with our billboards. . .here's our Christmas gift to you.This year we ordered 100 totes for friends and fam, all made from the vinyl boards we're guilty of producing.  Lots of great response. We have some left over. For you? $25! They retail for $60 in NYC.  Great for laptops, groceries and overnights. 

December 24

Light Up Lenoir

We never located our E.B. Wall tree but the idea sure was fun. Lenoir businesses, us included, sponsored trees to be decorated by students across the county. Of course the light-up celebration fell on the coldest night of the year. Our downtown has a pulse again and every now and then it's pounding. Think global. Shop local. Contact us if you have any ideas for other downtown happenings.


October 31


"You can't stay in your corner of the forest, waiting for others to come to you; you have to go to them sometimes."

Winnie the Pooh
Piglet, Pooh's Little Instruction Book

Tigger came to us today. Sadie, who barks at everyone, didn't. Guess she knew "it's so much more friendly with two." Hard to believe Tigger (Frances Delk) had time to blow in. She's up to her ears in mistletoe preparing for her Carolina Christmas Show in Raleigh, November 20 - 23. Tickets are $6.50 at the door. Raleigh Convention Center.

Frances Delk, Elisabeth and Sadie.


October 24

When Dogs Fly!

Hey we took this picture on the way down the drive and when we returned she was sleeping in our bed. Who dat? Hou-dini. Her name's Sadie. You can call but she won't come. 

October 23

Eggs Over Easy

You're invited to join us for breakfast Tuesday mornings at Our Place, downtown Lenoir. 7:30 AM. Dutch treat. It was Julie's brilliant idea to gather strong, smart women once a week. Get up, ladies. Your friends and homefries are waiting. It's good for the economy and each other. Attendance was up 350% this week over last. The conversation rambled from Sarah to bathroom tile to our school board favorites. Opinions wanted. No agenda. See you next week. And bring a friend.



October 10

Go Forlines!!

Our favorite cheerleader, Crystal Dixon, is makin' some noise for Democratic candidate for NC House of Representatives, Mr. John A. Forlines, Jr. Crystal,
pom-poms and megaphone in hand, stopped by the agency to participate in a photo shoot for a new ad campaign for the "Big Man." Check out Crystal's message in the Lenoir News Topic on October 14.

September 29

Best of Lenoir 2008! (If you buy the plaque.)

E. B. Wall & Associates, Inc. Receives 2008 Best of Lenoir Award

U.S. Local Business Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

WASHINGTON D.C., September 28, 2008 -- E B Wall & Associates, Inc. has been selected for the 2008 Best of Lenoir Award in the Advertising Agencies category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

The USLBA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USLBA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2008 USLBA Award Program focused on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USLBA and data provided by third parties.

About U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA)

U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA) is a Washington D.C. based organization funded by local businesses operating in towns, large and small, across America. The purpose of USLBA is to promote local business through public relations, marketing and advertising.

The USLBA was established to recognize the best of local businesses in their community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations, chambers of commerce and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to be an advocate for small and medium size businesses and business entrepreneurs across America.

SOURCE: U.S. Local Business Association

U.S. Local Business Association



September 23

Summer's End

Monday, September 22, was officially the first day of Fall and I'm definitely looking forward to crisp mornings, comfortable boots, and old blue jeans. And, while I'm rummaging through my closet looking for the other boot, I can't help but reminisce a little bit. We had a really great summer at EBW.

We jump-started June with our SCAD intern, Santos Vega, (and my birthday, BTW). Santos is totally out-of-the-box. He does killer illustrations and has a unique perspective on EVERYTHING! He left a couple weeks ago for his final year at school and I'm still catching myself saying "true-dat". Way to go, Santos. He and Kelly became best buds - I'm sure she's missing her pal. Savannah's not that far though. (check out Santos' site)

Elisabeth (EB) and daughter, Cooper, flew to Seattle for a nice vacation with the northwest relations while David stayed behind to surprise EB with a soaking tub located in her favorite place...her lovely flower garden. Kelly hopped a plane and headed home to Michigan to celebrate the 4th while I headed, family and Santos in tow, to Edgemont to the Wall family cabin. Fireworks, a home-made cannon, and a stolen deer head. Ah, fun times.

Patriotism at it's finest.

Sausage anyone?

"Kiss my fingers Nonna!"

What deer head?

July was crazy hot and so were the peppers in our little garden. It's pretty sweet to pick a fresh lunch just off the side porch. The tomatoes are just about gone now so it's time to pack up the white bread and mayo for next summer.

I've decided "East Coast Leigh" is just a Ty Pennington wannabe. She either wants her own home remodeling show or she's really into redecorating. She made a trip to the office for a brainstorming session this summer so we did get to visit for a few days. Does she ever sit still?

Love was in the air in August. Our Shawn Bradley, finally decided to tie the knot so we sent his bachelor days a packin' with a bowling tournament EBW style. Plenty of beer, pizza, and a tequila shot or 4. His groom's survival kit included everything from aspirin to duct tape. Hey, you gotta be prepared. Shawn and the lovely Leigh Ann were wed August 23 during a garden wedding at their new home in Icard. The ceremony was too dear. Talk about the water works - tears were flowing all around.

So much for measuring the banners - Surprise! Ole!

Bachelor send off...

I do! Now kiss her fool!

Aww! Congratulations all around!

I wonder what Fall will bring...


September 17

What's for Launch?

Finally...lift off! The new website for long-time client, Bank of Granite, is up - it's live!

For the longest while, I kept envisioning this project as that little turtle running the race against the super-fast hare. Take two steps to the hare's every giant leap. Cross all the t's and dot all the i's. Then do it again and again and again.

It's 5:27 am on September 17 - launch day of the new site - imagine my delight to receive an email of congratulations on job well done. "...It's a great design and very easy to navigate..." Cue the hallelujah chorus. All in all, feedback has been great and our client is very pleased. It's always nice to get a pat on the back.

Now, after two years, three designers, two programmers, two account execs, and a case of ibuprofen, what stands out in my mind...the turtle did win the race - I think the turtle discovered Red Bull in the home stretch! (way to go turtle!!!)


Check out the new site!


September 1

Forlines for Real

If you live in Caldwell County, you've got to be familiar with John Forlines. If his name doesn't ring a bell, you must live under a rock.

A banking legend and community advocate, this powerhouse is running for the NC House of Representatives this age 90. I'd bet you've seen his billboards posted around our fair county.

A self-described political junkie, Mr. Forlines is happy to talk about all things Democratic and we're more than happy to listen. So what if he's the oldest delegate. With age, comes experience; with experience, comes wisdom; with wisdom, comes the ability to bring positive change to
Caldwell County.

Our friend, Crystal Dixon, said it best..."Since retirement, Mr. Forlines could go, do, and live anywhere and he decides to run for office to make a better life for the people of Caldwell County - man, that's saying something."


July 21

No More Drive-By's

Effective July 19: E.B. Wall has a new sign! No more drive-by's for the troubled traveler. E.B. Wall is now easy to spot. Stop by and check it out - or drive by - either way is good.

E.B. Wall crew with the sign guys.


Putting the sign together...


Adding the mark...

Finished sign!



June 25

Ninety-two degrees, 60 pounds of honey, four wow-zer stings and an allegory.

Dateline - Magnolia Grove. We robbed three hives yesterday, one of them the new gum my son split with Calvin Rich, the bee whisperer, who is also a pollen gatherer for one of our long-time clients, Greer. But that's another story.

Those bees — the new hive — are young and edgy like our intern but, like Santos and the rest of this motley crew, they are incredible producers. It occured to me as I pulled out the fourth stinger, the bee business is a lot like this one:  rewarding and rich but unpredictable, scary, and sometimes painful. You just have to give into the sheer bee-ness of the buzz.

The allegory:  We turned out a beautiful corporate brochure this week for Ashley Capital, an incredibly successful (and lovely to work with) NYC-based firm specializing in acquisitions, development and re-development of industrial and office properties. (Look for the cool story about the former Steelcase campus in Detroit on their website update coming soon: But, back to the brochure:  it's been in the works lots longer than our honey bees, it took the whole hive and then some to make it happen, and there were stings along the way. In the end, it's a sweet piece of work.

So bee it. Want some honey? Buzz.

June 10

The Big Story - Business to Business

Elisabeth B. Wall / E.B. Wall + Associates

Name: Elisabeth Bruce Wall

Family: David, husband; children Hamilton, 24, Cooper, 22, Benjamin, 20, daughter-in-law Ashely Andrews Wall, 23, and graddaughter, Catherine, 3.

Educational Background: Lenoir High School, Appalachian State University, UNC-Chapel Hill(bachelor of arts in mass communications)

Job title: Principal, E.B. Wall + Associates

Job Responsibilities: I am the visioning, word-smithing, burr-under-the-saddling, champion of the creative and for the client first-baseman for our advertising and marketing firm. I have a really good pitcher(husband David, CFO), terrific infield (creative, account and production staff) and some incredibly gifted back-up (contract staff) in the outfield.

Civic, charitable, church or other involvements: Caldwell County Guardian Ad Litem, Caldwell Arts Council, random acts of kindness.

Personal and professional accomplishments of which you are most proud: Personally, biking up the West Coast in a pair of cutoff jeans and a bandanna; successfully completing an Outward Bound course in the Everglades at 40; and raising a family that loves one another. Professionally, pulling off an awards ceremony at Radio City Music Hall for 2,000 people; starting this business, keeling this business, and watching a number of smart young employees succeed here and after here.

Advantages (or disadvantages) of being a woman in your profession: That door swings both ways. There have been times when I've thought my opinions held less weight because I was female. But that was also true of being a Southerner in New York City. And sometimes there's quite an advantage in being underestimated. Now that I'm older, experience trumps gender every time.

How you balance work and life: They've always been one and the same. My husband has always been my one and only partner. My kids grew up shooting water guns through the office windows. My 96-year-old mother still gives me my best business advice. And I love to cook for my clients.

Your advice for young women: Be kind. Be female. Be self-sufficient and measure yourself against your own values, not someone else's.

*Published in the March, 2008 Business to Business Special Edition: Woman's Touch; 12 Women that are making a difference in their field


June 3

We Scored at SCAD!

Santos Vega comes to our house for the summer! Santos, a rising senior at Savannah College of Art and Design, joins us as an unsuspecting intern June 9.

Santos is from Virginia Beach via Miami via Puerto Rico. He is going to be green and auto-less in LA (Lenoir Area) so keep an eye out for SV on his Schwinn. We were very impressed with his portfolio, look forward to his contributions. And, he's a black belt Taekwondo Instructor.  Hi-yahh!.

Santos @ his portfolio review – SCAD Career Fair 2008

May 8

Show & Tell? Absolutely.

Would you rather tell students about your workplace or show them? I say let the show begin!

Caldwell County’s Communities In Schools Program approached our agency about participating in job shadow day. We jumped at the opportunity. After all, we are a “you gotta see ‘em to believe ‘em” agency. Why not share.

For those not familiar with CIS, they partner community resources, businesses, etc. with schools to help kids successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life. I’m all for that.

Enter Barry and Charlie. Great kids. Very attentive. Very polite. Did our off-the-wall yet brilliant crew intimidate them? Probably. Did they want to leave at day’s end? Absolutely not. We had a great time.

Barry is really into video games and would like to develop games himself someday. He hung out with Kelly, our designer and Shawn, EBW production manager. I think he was pretty impressed. Charlie spent the day with project manager and account exec, Julie Z. Her plans are to study hard, get a great advertising job – she wants to create commercials – and make lots of money. Sounds good to me.     

Oh, did I mention we also had them collate 1700 brochures…JZ

January 2

Good Business

We’ve devoted this section of our site to sharing ideas that we think may be of value to your business. Write us and we’ll share what’s on your mind.

Our friend Tim Gallagher gave a seminar recently for Blue Ridge Entrepreneurial Council (BREC) — an arm of Advantage West. Tim has owned his own web development company and shared some good web basics on how to choose an eMarketing partner. Here are his thoughts. We hope they’ll encourage you to choose us.

1. Have a budget in mind and remember, don’t make your web a line item; it’s about transactions. Think in terms of ROI.

2. Stay focused on your primary objective for the site. Ask yourself these questions and share with your epartner. Do you wish to generate calls? Provide info? Enable purchases? Collect information?

3. Don’t wait until it’s too late. It takes time to develop a site and to keep it fresh. Give your epartner time to give you the best possible advise and materials. As your objectives change, change your web strategies; not your web partner.

4. Don’t be intimidated when you are interviewing epartners. Ask questions and expect plain English answers.

5. Don’t expect your web to stand alone. Make sure your epartner help you make your Internet presence part of your integrated marketing.